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  Here is a list of 10 wonderful articles from Adoptive Families Magazine. Visit their website for more information about ordering copies of these articles, or call toll-free 800.372.3300.
  • Adoption in the Classroom - A tear-out and Save Guide, Nov/Dec 2001
  • Becoming an Advocate - "There's nothing like a school's insensitivity to adoption to turn a quiet mom into a bold activist", May/June 2002
  • Can We Talk? - "How to explain adoption at school — even to fifth graders", July/Aug 2003
  • How I Explained Adoption to the First Grade - "Using a favorite doll and a logic children can follow, one mother enlightens her daughter's curious class", by Amy Klatzkin, Mar/Apr 2001
  • A Memo to My Fellow Teachers - "When it comes to adoption, instructors needs to check their curriculum and their stereotypes", Jan/Feb 2002
  • How to Read Your Child's Mind, July/Aug 2003
  • School Savvy - "Parents should expect school assignments that are difficult for their children, says the author in this Mar/Apr 1995 article. So be prepared."
  • Star of the Week - "Fielding questions about adoption at school starts early. Is your child ready?" by Carrie Krueger, Nov/Dec 2000
  • Teaching the Teachers - "How one mother set out to educate her town", Sept/Oct 2002
  • What Your Child's Teacher Needs to Know - "Teachers are facing increasing demands in the classroom, so it's up to you to take the necessary steps to make sure your child's needs are met", by Lois Melina, Sept/Oct 2001

Other Recommended Reading:

Adoption and the Schools: A Resource Guide for Parents and Teachers, by Jane Ng and Lansing Wood, available at www.fairfamilies.org

An Educator's Guide to Adoption, published by the Institute for Adoption Information

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