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Our Services
Pre-Adoption Consultation
Issues to Consider When Adopting from Abroad
Overview of Health Issues in Children Adopted from Abroad
Domestic Adoption
Preparation, Resources and Expectations
Parenting Protocol Workshop

Assessment of Child's Medical History
Understanding and Interpreting Medical Reviews from Russia
Russian Medical Diagnoses
Medical Template for Russian 2-Trip Referral and Ukranian 1-Trip Referral
How to Send Your Referral to Dr. Aronson

Preparation for International Travel
Urgent Medical Care Abroad

Vaccines for Parents
General Vaccine Prep
Vaccination Guide
Hepatitis B: An Imperative Vaccination

Post-Adoption Evaluation
Recommended Screening Tests and Evaluations
Common Medical Problems
Domestic Adoption
CME Quiz and Bibliography

Follow-Up Care
Developmental Evaluation
Consultation Letters

Doctor On Call

Adoption Resources
General Aoption Resources

International Aoption Links
Eastern Europe & Russia
Latin America

Travel Resources

Medical Resources
Urgent Medical Care Abroad

Information on Common Medical Diseases
Infectious Diseases & Parasites
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Environmental Diseases
Developmental Issues
Dietary Deficiencies & Other Conditions

Region Specific Issues
Health Issues in Chinese Children
Health Issues in Russian Children

General Medical Issues
Life in Orphanages Abroad
International Adoption Medical Issues
Vaccination of Internationally Adopted Children
Medical Evaluation of the Internationally Adopted Child
HIV Infection in Children Adopted from Abroad

Medical Photo Library

Our Stories
"The Journey from Doctor to Parent"
"Lili's Story: Hale and Hearty Chinese Orphans"

In The News
"Healing Hands ", from People Weekly
"Strong Medicine ", from New York Magazine
"Adoption Medicine Brings New Parents Answers/Advice", from The New York Times
"The Orphan Ranger", from The New Yorker
"Doctor in a Global Village", from Newsday
"A Doctor's Tale", from Telegraph Magazine

Our Travels Abroad
Orphan Rangers in Russia
Dr. Aronson in Russia

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Diseases and Medical Conditions
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