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Dr. Jane Aronson
International Pediatric Health Services, PLLC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Weill Medical College

U.S. State Department Data for International Adoptions in 2000

Total Intercountry adoptions 18, 441
China 5,053
Russia 4,269
S.Korea 1,794
Guatemala 1,518
Romania 1,122
Vietnam 724
Based on immigrant visas issued
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U.S. State Department Data for International Adoptions in 1999

Total Intercountry adoptions 16,369
Russia 4,348
China 4,101
S.Korea 2,008
Guatemala 1,002
Romania 895
Vietnam 712
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Primary Receiving States for Intercountry Adoptions 1998

New York 1,232
California 1,102
Pennsylvania 916
Illinois 785
New Jersey 662
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
www.calib.com/naic 2001
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Trends in Intercountry Adoption 1989 thru 1999

1989 8,102
1999 16,369
Doubled in 11 yrs.
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China and Russia Neck and Neck

China 24,005 since 1989
Russia 23,874 since 1992
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Pre-Adoption Issues

• Choosing a Country
• Vaccines for travel--start at the beginning of the process of adoption!
CDC - http://www.cdc.gov/travel/
WHO - http://www.who.int/ith/english/index.htm
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Vaccines for Travel

• Parents and children traveling abroad need advice to keep well and happy!
• Hepatitis A, B, updated dT, IPV?, Typhoid, Cholera
• Rule of 1957: Before and After
Check Titers for M, M, R,V and give appropriate boosters
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For more information about pre-adoption issues, visit the Pre-Adoption Consultation section of this site.
For more information about vaccines, visit the Vaccines for Parents section of this site.

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