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Our Services :: Pre-Adoption Consultations

Deciding whether to adopt a child or not, specifically an international child, is one of the most important and challenging decisions one can make. Families need to be educated on what their options are, based on their own situations, and what adoption choices are even available. As an adoption medicine specialist, I can honestly say that my major focus and concern is helping families to be more prepared and make more educated decisions about adoption.

I counsel families on issues involving international as well as domestic adoption. We discuss what options are right for them and, if they consider adopting from abroad, I provide some background on the different countries from which to adopt. I try to provide an overview of the entire adoption process, so families know what hurdles to expect, and can be more focused about their expectations. What I try to teach all families follows the acronym PRE - Preparation, Resources and Expectations.

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Fee Schedule available online.

My office manager will work with you to help you receive the fullest possible reimbursement from your health insurance company, but payment in full is required at the time of service.

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Please be prepared to leave a complete phone number and hotel room number when calling from abroad.

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