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Our Services :: Assessment of Child's Medical History :: Russian Medical Diagnoses

  • Defectology - Children are considered defective adults in Russia
  • No specialized medical training for pediatricians in Russia
  • Mythology and Rumor - Diagnoses are not created to promote adoption of unhealthy children
  • Neuro-reflex-hyperexcitability syndrome - a description of a high strung infant
  • Hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndrome - increased pressure and increased amount cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain-if this were true, itr would be incompatible with life!
  • Perinatal Encephalopathy - greater then 95% of medicals will have this diagnosis
  • Perinatal Encephalopathy encompasses health conditions of the mother during pregnancy, the child's health during pregnancy, the child's health at the time of delivery, and the potential health issues of the child
  • Hypotrophy - decreased velocity of growth, failure to thrive
  • Intestinal Dysbacteriosis - bacteria or normal flora of the intestines
  • Congenital Dislocation or Displasia of the hip - commonly found on medicals, but this is not a common diagnosis
  • Cardiopathy - heart murmur
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